EcoSOAR Water Treatment System

The Solution for Today’s Water Pollutant Problems


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers report: KRIA Ionizer raises dissolved oxygen, reduces diesel and PCB in water

Among the most stubborn pollutants in today’s waterways are diesel and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). It can take years for these contaminants to break down naturally once they enter the water.

New evidence shows that the KRIA Ionizer with EcoSOAR technology reduces diesel and PCB while also raising dissolved oxygen levels.

In a report by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the KRIA Ionizer’s superoxide removed 58 percent of diesel after 72 hours of operation. It removed 85 percent of the PCB Arochlor 1254 over the same time period.

Dissolved oxygen (DO) levels were also tested, with the ionizer-treated water reaching levels over 300 percent. These levels are critical in water health, because aquatic life relies on DO to thrive. It can also help:

  • Combat algal blooms in small lakes, ponds and wetlands
  • Fight potential septic in wastewater lagoons
  • Treat water contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons

This report builds on earlier findings that the ionizer effectively reduces cyanobacteria and its byproduct, the toxin microcystin. Both reports have been posted to the EPA’s website, which highlights the importance of these findings for water quality.

Click here for the full press release and findings.